What is an hddpcb partner repairer?

A partner repairer has his details listed on the website hddpcb.eu.  Typically, a client who lives near to the repairer will contact him, and tell him that he would prefer to go through him a PCB order and for the bio-chip transplant. 

If this is the case, the repairer will be able to order the PCB at a reduced price, and will bill the client for the transplant. 


How to become a partner repairer?

A partner repairer is a professional client, and must first complete a welcome order. He can order Solder Paste using the promo code :"WELCOMEREV2018". This will be his gift. 
At the time of placing this order, they must:
In the personal information section:

  • Enter the name of the company, and their registered business number (SIRET no.)
  • Tick the box “I exchange PCB’s for others and wish to appear in the list of repairers
  • In the address section, all fields must be filled. 
  • Their website will only be displayed once an agreement on link exchange has been reached.