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Western Digital PCB Number

How to find the Hard Drive PCB that matches your Western Digital Hard Drive ?

  1. Note the Western Digital HDD PCB number as shown in red on the picture (usually WD PCB Numbers start with "2060-" and finish with "REV X"
  2. Start a search with this number without the version number ("REV X")

Is the swap 1.simple 2.technical 3.reserved for professionals ?

Western Digital has 2 types of PCBs.

Type 2 HDD board has an 8-legged BIOS chip that must be swapped. See How To Swap HDD PCBs

Type 3 hard disk drive PCB has a missing chip, and PCB firmware is stored in the big Controller Chip. That chip can be reprogrammed or transferred by a professional with a BGA Rework Station. 

For each PCB, we specify if there is a  BIOS chip or not. In addition this BIOS chip is shown in the picture.

European HDD PCBs: Western Digital Hard Disk Drive PCBs at a low price

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