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Hard drive failure, are you afraid of losing those few thousand photos that you  never backed up elsewhere. In some cases, you can repair your hard drive just by changing or repairing the PCB.

The hard drive PCB, or hard drive card, is the Printed Circuit Board that is screwed into the back of the hard drive. In 80% of cases in addition to changing hard drive PCBs it is necessary  to perform a chip transplant.

Diverse Range: Over 600 PCB disk models on offer, with over 250 models currently held in stock.  

Customer Service: Customers are good, but satisfied customers are even better, for example this customer:

“Thank you very much for your help, the quality of your service, and your efficiency!!”

This is what I am aiming for.  The most important thing for me is that all my customers can recover their data.  This is why I have decided to propose PCB repair before tempting PCB change.

Rapid Response: Having a large number of PCBs in stock allows me to ship rapidly upon receiving orders.   In addition, wherever you live in Europe, shipping from France will always be faster than when ordering from any other continent.  

Competitive: My prices are maintainable, and lower than most other European or American competitors.    

Eco-friendly: The PCBs are second hand, and where possible, I prioritise French supply chains.  I have recently ordered and received 2 batches of over 100 PCBs from France.  This allows me to have a lower carbon footprint through less air imports.

Flashing the microchips
No longer need to move the BIOS microchips


Your Questions

Question #4810: Hello,
When I plug my 100749730 REV A PCB board for st3000dm001 into the hard drive, I see it as ST1000DM003.
What is the reason and how can you help.
There was also a red mark on the PCB board.
What does that sign mean?
I'm waiting for your help.
Answer: Hello,

Thank you for your message. We have just transferred your request to our technical department so that someone can provide you with a solution to your problem.


Question #1527: Hello,
Are the PCB imported from China? I'm asking because of the virus. Thank you

Have a nice day,
Answer: When we have no choice, we buy PCBs in China. But the majority of our PCBs come from European suppliers, some of which are French.
Ruben Utrecht
Question #1445: Dear sir/madam,

I just ordered a pcb, but accidentally put in the wrong shipping address. Can you change the shipping address for order WOWOBLGBH to Lange Hezelstraat 133a 6511CH, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Thanks a lot.

Ruben Steendam
Answer: Hi Sir,

You can check in your order, we have change your shipping address.



Mark Saou France
Question #1248: Hello,
I have a WD Cavier Green 1.0TB WD10EAVS from 2008. I suspect the controller board is defective as it no longer spins up. It was in a WD external hard drive enclosure, which now has two capacitors on the enclosure Firewire/USB interface card that have leaked . The HD also does not work in an external SATA dock. The damage was caused either by electrical storm activity/spikes in home power supply reconnecting or having plugged in a 19V supply from a laptop instead of the 12V supply.
The PCB reference is: 2060-701590-000 REV A

Can you help me? Do you have one of these cards in stock and can you exchange the bios chips with my card and the donor card. Should I send the HD or just the controller?
Also, I can get one of these controller cards on Aliexpress for €11.50 ( but I have no experience of de-soldering/re-soldering bios chips, especially the ones with 40 odd connectors.

I can send photos if necessary.

Best regards,
Answer: Hello,

Given the description of your problem. The PCB seems to be the cause of the problem with your hard drive. Changing it could restore normal use of your disk while you recover your data.

Unfortunately, we do not transfer organic chips to this type of controller chip.
However, on this reference, it is not always necessary to carry out the transfer. Sometimes a simple change of PCB can allow you to access it.

Otherwise, you will need to contact an electronics professional so that he can work on your PCB.

Have a good day
Nicholas Roach (United States of America)
Question #416: I have a 2.5" Seagate that needs a PCB board swapout and a chip transplant. The board number is 100781943. ST1000LM035.
Damien Lievre
Answer: I've got a 100781943 PCB,
but I usually don't deliver to USA
Bram ,Joure
Question #321: Hello . My hdd motor won't spin anymore , i changed the pcb board from another hdd then the motor did spin again, is there a possibility that you can fix my pcb board?
Damien Lievre
Answer: Hello,
if you send your disk to me,
I may fix it,
Question #313: Hello. I ordered a PCB on 11.08.18 with a guest account and rly need a tracking number for the parcel can you help me?
Damien Lievre
Answer: Sorry,
I didn't save the tracking number
Question #249: Do you ship to England. I can't seem to find England, UK or GB on the country list.
Damien Lievre
Answer: Thank you for this information,
I've corrected it,
the country list was in french, it's now in english
Question #237: Hi, I have a wd20nmvw-11av3s4 model hard drive and would need a pcb for it, would it be possible to transfer the bios or firmware also? and how much would it cost with shipping to Finland
Damien Lievre
Answer: Hi,
Can you give me the pcb number starting with "2060-"
See website for more information
Pedro (London)
Question #103: In case the PCB is out of stock as per your first email, what is the new expected delivery date or potential delay? Ref. seagate 100617465 REVB
Thank you.
Damien Lievre
Answer: delay is around 10 days
you should get your pcb by the end of next week
Question #31: What about the stock available on the site ?
Damien Lievre
Answer: we are growing : we started by an offer of 100 PCBs in stock, we'll have 40 more good sellers before the end of January.
We also list 100 more models that we sell using dropshipping.
But if you don't find your item on this website, please contact us, we'll try to find it for you.
Question #23: Can you introduce yourself, and indroduce the project ?
Damien Lievre
Answer: I have been working as a web developer for almost 20 years.
I specialized in Ecommerce 10 years ago. Now I work independently developping websites and doing computer maintenance.
Thanks to this latter activity I discovered the hdd pcb swapping technique.
I noticed that second hand hdd pcb retailers are not so many in Europe and mostly sell on market places. For this reason, I decided to set up my business.