Seagate PCB Number

How to find the Hard Drive PCB that matches your Seagate Hard Disk Drive ?

  1. Note the Seagate HDD PCB number as shown in red on the picture (usually Seagate HDD PCB Numbers start with "100" and finish with "REV X"
  2. Start a search with this number without the version number ("REV X")

In wich category is the swap ?

  1. simple
  2. technical
  3. reserved for professionals

These hard drives have 2 architectures: Barracuda (older) and F3 (new generation).

Barracuda Architecture.

These hard drives have a dot (.) in the firmware version (“3.CDA”, “8.01”, “3.03”, etc.). Most PCB swaps (~85%) are simple (category 1) . In the other 15%, a ROM chip must be swapped (category 2).

F3 Architecture.

Hard drives have no dot (.) in the firmware version (“CC44”, “0005HPM1”, “SD01”, etc.). The 8-legged firmware chip will have a number starting with 25, and must be transferred to a new circuit board  (category 2). See How To Swap HDD PCBs

European HDD PCBs : Seagate

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