1.PCB electrical failure

The electrical failure is due to overvoltage or other electrical damage,

one or more components of the PCB can then become unusable.

In order to diagnose an electrical PCB problem, you may notice two symptons :

  • The disc is no longer recognised by the bios of your PC
  • The disc no longer spins, no vibrations, no noise


The repair that I’m offering you targets only electrical PCB failures :

Electrical reparation of the PCB (guaranteed or your money back)


The PCB swap concerns

electrical PCB failure
Physical problems with the PCB : USB or SATA connector broken, etc...

4. Pros and cons of the repair and of the swap

The repair has a higher chance of success than the swap,

On the other hand the cost of returns is higher because once the PCB is repaired, in mostcases, it is highly recommended to clone the disc with a “new” one.
In some cases the PCB is damaged beyond repair, the swap is then inevitable.

I can help you choose between the two methods, and sometimes I test the repair and if this does not work I swap them or vice versa