Electrical reparation of the PCB


Your hard drive doesn't make any noise and isn't recognized by the computer BIOS.

You have better chances of success with a reparation rather than a PCB swap.

If you are not sure, you can send me a photo of your PCB, which the chips visible, and I will analyse the damage.  

Depending on the photo, I will tell you whether it is possible (or not) to repair your hard drive.

Contrary to PCB Swap, this service is guaranteed : in case of No Data, you will only pay 20€ for the check up and return.

The reparation will disable the electric protection of the HDD so it will necesserary to back up your data on another hard drive.

You can do this back up your self or order the complementary service below.

in all cases, please, send me your hard drive.

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