Modals REV A, REV B, REV C, REV D, REV E, REV P1, REV P2, 00, 01, 02 are they all compatible with each other?
Yes! They are different board modals, but they are compatible! We will ship you a  randomly selected model. Please leave a message if you wish to receive a specific modal, thank you!
Additional information (Main Controller IC, PCB Label) doesn't match, does it matter ?
No ! Theses details are here for reference, but the same PCB models can have different components, what matters is PCB number
Is this PCB compatible with my HDD ?
We cannot list all HDD models compatible with all PCBs. To find the matching HDD PCB you can unscrew your HDD and find the correct "PCB number". In general a Hard Disk PCB is compatible a whole family of hard drives with different capacities : 20G, 30G, 40G, 60G, 80G, 120G, 160G, 200G, 250G, 300G, 320G, 400G, 500G, 750G, 1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB.

PCB Hitachi 220 0A90161 01

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Before buying :

  1. These are just PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), not the whole HDDs (Hard Disk Drives);
  2. The aim of a PCB swap is data recovery, or hard disk repair,
  3. The buyer is responsible for finding the right PCB for their Hard Drive,
  4. You will benefit from a 14-day return period,
  5. In most cases, you should transfer the BIOS before you swap hard drive PCB, in order to make the replacement board compatible with your HDD. See services below.Transfer possible by Flashing and/or Soldering.
  6. Hard drive failures are not always caused by PCB failure. We cannot guarantee your drive will be repaired by replacing the hard drive PCB.
220 0A90161 01

Data sheet

PCB label
Main Controller IC
2.5" laptop
No, verified on Photo

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